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This page provides information for a recent Singles Volunteers event.
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Mustard Seed Meal Service (Aug 25)

Our little volunteering event was a complete success. The group met at the Second Cup and we had a nice little gathering (chatting and coffee). We exchanged some stories related to past experiences with Single Volunteers. These included past hikes, dinners, and movie nights.
We then headed to The Seed, where we were met by Scott (head cook?) and a whole bunch of really friendly people. We were soon on our way. I mean, by the time I put my bicycle away and came into the kitchen, the rest of the group was already making peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Assembly line skills become a must at times like this. Also, it's amazing how repetitive work can allow one to become quite open and talkative. Keeps you more than entertained, I figure.
After a few hundred peanut butter and jam sandwiches, we went onto bagging already made sandwiches, followed by slicing, dicing, cubing, cutting, trimming, and chopping a wide variety of vegetables. Oh, there was also fruit to be cut up. I tell ya, this was a good vegetable/fruit day.
After all that fun was finished, we went onto make a few hundred more sausage sandwiches, with the help of a few more people who had just arrived. And get this!, all this work was done even before the meal service began. I know, we're amazing. As Scott mentioned "We've never had anybody as fast as you guys"...cough!, cough!
After all that exhausting fun we deserved a break, so, we were offered lunch and experienced a bit of what it is like to eat at "The Seed". A bit more chatting before we got to serve 200-300 people.

The service went well, except for one dissatisfied costumer who thought the chicken was too "well-done". My apologies to a disappointed gentleman. On the other hand, the rest of the attendees were quite satisfied, so, that made up for the little incident with a grumpy costumer.

After the tour, we all decided that it was time to go home. No, no coffee or gathering afterwards. Our minds might've been too full of a great experience to just go and sit in a coffee place and pay for over- priced coffee.

Congrats to a well arranged, hard working group. It was quite the experience!



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