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Habitat for Humanity (Nov 10)

We descended on the Habitat build site in Ogden on a sunny and warm Saturday in November.  New member Diane quickly became a favorite of the entire crew by bringing cookies for everyone.  It was only after we'd devoured most of them that she revealed they were experiments--she wanted to test out a couple of new recipes before inflicting them on her co-workers.  Diane, your experiments were both successful!  You can test out you baking on us anytime.

In addition to the 12 people in our group, several other individuals who volunteer for directly for Habitat were there, including 2 who are also members of Single Volunteers.  Plus the drywall contractors were there, working on 2 of the units.  So lots of work got done.  And fortunately the weather was great, so many of us could work outside. We installed windows.  We painted and installed trim.  We did a whole bunch of drywalling -- the last 2 units are now almost ready for the taping contractors.  Outdoors, we moved a lot of dirt and installed the bases for the exterior stairs.  Now, they can place the stairs and put away the ladders they use to access the units.

Oh yeah, we also drank coffee and polished off Diane's cookies.  For lunch, we wandered across the street to the "Smokehouse Diner."  Not exactly upscale or trendy, but the food is reasonably good.  Afterwards, everyone decided to head for home, shower, and clean clothes rather than heading out again.  Most of us usually drive a computer all day, so some were also a little tired after a day of manual labour.  And there is something about being covered in dirt and drywall dust that makes you a little uncomfortable walking into a public place.

All in all, we had a good day.



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