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The Single Volunteers Society of Calgary is governed by a Board for two reasons:
    1. it was necessary as a part of incorporation, and
    2. to identify key positions in the Society that were needed to help things work smoothly.
The Board currently consists of the following members/positions:
    * President: Adele Sanoy - responsible for the overall direction of the organization.
    * Vice President: responsible for assisting the President - this position is currently Art Matsui.
    * Treasurer/Secretary: Cam Clark, CMA - responsible for collection and use of membership fees, society status renewal, and other legal aspects of the operation of the society as well as official record keeping.
    * Events Coordinator: responsible for the organization of volunteer and social events - this position is currently  Adele Sanoy
    * Web Janitor: Art Matsui - responsible for web site maintenance, design and programming.
    * Membership Coordinator: responsible for the use and maintenance of membership database and mailing list. This position is currently  Art Matsui.

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