Single Volunteers of Hunterdon County Volunteer Agreement

I apply to participate in programs and activities sponsored by Single Volunteers of Hunterdon County. (hereinafter "SVHC"). I understand that SVHC is a non-profit organization that performs services for charities, community organizations, and other non-profit groups, for which costs may be charged but which do not involve any profit or compensation to SVHC.

I agree that SVHC and the organizations for whom it is performing services, their agents, officers, and directors shall not be liable for any injury that I may incur while participating, and I release and agree to hold harmless and defend them from any claim that I or anyone may have arising from my participation.

I understand that some activities may expose me to above normal risk, and I confirm that if I choose to participate in these activities that I have no health or physical problems that will interfere with my safety or health.

I further assign to SVHC and consent to its unrestricted use and publication in any media of any photograph, recording, interview, videotape, or other recording of me in connection with any activities in which I may participate with SVHC.

I hereby release Single Volunteers of Hunterdon County and its administrators, team leaders, organizers, volunteers, and any other person or persons acting on behalf of Single Volunteers of Hunterdon County (herein after "SVHC") from any claims arising from my volunteer work with SVHC.

I also agree that SVHC holds no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship that may or may not form between myself and another person that I might meet through SVHC. In accepting a date or otherwise agreeing to meet with another member either within an SVHC-sponsored volunteer project or social, or on my own time, I take sole responsibility for any actions that might occur during that date or meeting, and agree to hold SVHC free from any liability.

I agree not to initiate any claim against SVHC, resulting from any SVHC volunteer, SVHC social, or dating activities with SVHC members.

I am single and not currently in a committed relationship. I am over the age of 25 . I plan to volunteer my time and energy to various SVHC projects. I understand that notice of upcoming projects is available both on the SVHC website and at SVHC meetings.

Signed__________________________________________   Date _______________