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 Ribbon Falls Hike (June 3)

This year's first hike was quite the success. We met up with some folks from The Singles Crowd of Canmore so in all, there were something like thirty of us on the trail,along with some hikers of the" four-legged variety". This was the biggest group we have ever had on a hike yet, and it seems all had a good time in spite of the surplus humidity. 
Once we completed our 11km hike to the falls we had lunch and took a few photos for prosperity. I took an informal poll on who was interested on continuing further up to the lake, and the only taker was Alma, the most senior of our group. We all would do well to to sit down and have a chat with this wonderful lady sometime,maybe some of her vitality will rub off on the rest of us lazy younguns'. Cold hands and feet prevailed and the decision to head back was the favored choice, so Adele lead us down to the parking lot at "I  WANT COFFEE AND I WANT  IT NOW" pace.
Afterwards a number of us went to The Drake in Canmore where we were all treated to Ian's display of steak acrobatics. If you take a seat in front of the fireplace you should find a scratch and sniff spot, to commemorate the feat.
All in all, in this hiker's opinion, the day was a great one.
Hope to see ya'all out there next time.

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