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The Single Volunteers Society of Calgary, Alberta (SVCalgary) was started by a small group of single Calgarians inspired by a newspaper article about the organization in Washington, D.C.
The primary function of SVCalgary is to provide local non-profit organizations with groups of single men and women for their events. However, we also recognize this as a way to meet other singles - an alternative to personal ads, dating services, and those expensive 1-900 numbers!
Check out the following pages for more information about:
    * General Information: a quick note about how most events will work and other info,
    * The Board: discusses the role of the Board and the various positions,
    * Volunteer Events: requirements for the volunteer events we can participate in,
    * Project Leaders: the requirements necessary to be a project leader,
    * Volunteers: requirements for all members of SVCalgary.

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