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  Single Volunteers of the Western Reserve, based in Summit County, Ohio, was a group loosely affiliated with the national Single Volunteers based in Washington DC. (Visit their website to learn more about this organization at www.singlevolunteers.org.) The concept of single people joining together to serve the community and mingle with other singles gained momentum both within the non-profit sector as a source of volunteers, but also among singles as a place to meet other community-minded singles and to make new friends.

SVWR opened this chapter in 2000 after being a part of the Single Volunteers of Northeast Ohio (www.svohio.org). The group was formed with approximately 15 dedicated individuals and grew over the years to include nearly 250 members. The past leadership of SVWR wishes to express their thanks to the many people involved with us over the past decade of service to our local community.

The Summit County based group disbanded as of October 1, 2009.

Should anyone have a desire to restart the group or require information about the past group, please contact bjkran@yahoo.com for information.

Last Updated 09/30/2009