Single Volunteers was envisioned as an alternative to bars, personal ads, blind dates and dating services. We give singles a chance to meet others while performing worthwhile and productive services in the community. Volunteers are notified by e-mail about project opportunities, and teams of volunteers are assembled on a per-project basis. Individual team size is usually determined by the scope of the project. At the completion of any given project, a friendly social gathering is usually held at a nearby coffeehouse or restaurant, where stories and introductions are passed around.

"Everyone is looking for quality in a partner. People who freely give of their time and energy to help others are generally some of the most quality people around!"

You can think of Single Volunteers as sort of a clearinghouse for volunteers. Projects we participate in cover a full range of causes, and there are activities for everyone. Examples of some volunteer projects include: tree planting, repairing low income housing, graffiti clean-ups, helping staff fundraising events (like dinners, walks & races, etc.), pet adoptions, passing out food during the holidays, and so much more. If you don't see a project on our calendar that fits your desires or talents, you're encouraged to organize one that does! Most of our projects are a one-time commitment, which allows maximum flexibility for singles with a busy schedule.

"Single Volunteers provides a new and productive way for singles to meet while improving, in some small way, the world that we all share"

Single Volunteers is a not-for-profit organization, and that means that there are no membership fees or dues. All we ask is that you obey the membership rules and come to help and have fun.

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