SVLV Signup

Before you sign-up please make sure you qualify for being a member of Single Volunteers of Las Vegas.

  1. You must be single. That is, you are not married, and currently not in a committed relationship. If you are not eligible to participate with Single Volunteers at this time, please see the web site for other volunteering opportunities.

  2. You must be willing to volunteer. That is, you must be willing to give of your time and energy to help on various projects as they arise. There's no obligation to join in any particular project, but the principle of volunteerism is what holds our organization together.

  3. You must be at least 21 years old, and have an e-mail address. All notices of our events are distributed via e-mail.

  4. You must read, understand and agree to the Single Volunteers of Las Vegas Volunteer Agreement. To read the Volunteer Agreement and complete the signup process please click here.

If you have problems accessing the Volunteer Agreement, please Click here to contact us.




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