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After completing your membership sign up, please read the following information:

Mailing Lists

Single Volunteers of Calgary has two mailing lists. The first list is used for event information and updates only and is mandatory to join.
The second list is an open "chat" mailing list and can be used by members for any discussions you would like to carry on ( please keep the subjects tame! ). You do not have to join the "chat" list, however it does  have a way for other chat members to e-mail you, while keeping your e-mail address anonymous and sometimes informal outings are organized with other chat members.  
We use the "svcal" YahooGroups list to send out bulk emails to the entire group. We will still use to send out individual emails (such as event confirmations).

This list is mandatory.

Join the svcal mailing list
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This list is optional.

Join the svcal-chat mailing list
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Yahoo groups will send you an email immediately asking to confirm your request to subscribe. You must reply to this message to continue your signup. After this reply, you will get a message saying your request to join svcal or svcal-chat has been approved. (this could take around a week, as it done manually by the coordinator,  as below)
Your signup on YahooGroups will be verified against our database and approved by the membership coordinator. It is important that you use the same email address to signup with YahooGroups as you used on the member signup form - otherwise we won't be able to find you in our database.
After you have signed up for svcal and svcal-chat, you may wish to get an Yahoo groups web login. The above sign ups, are e-mail only. To view archived messages,  control how e-mail is delivered and contact other chat members, you must have a Yahoo groups web id. Click here after you have joined svcal and/or svcal-chat and you will find the instruction on how to get an id and link your memberships to it.
Note: if you have any trouble signing up for either mailing list please contact us. It is important that you sign up on the "svcal" mailing list to receive event information from SVCalgary.

Membership Fee

As mentioned in "General Information", please send a check or money order for $20, payable to "Cam Clark", to this address:
Single Volunteers Membership
Cam Clark, CMA
105 Covington Bay NE
Calgary, AB  T3K 4A9

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