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Most Single Volunteers events will be conducted in the following manner:
    1. Volunteer opportunities are identified through various means,
    2. A project leader is assigned to the event,
    3. Details of the event are sent out via email using a group mailing list and are also posted on the web site soon afterward,
    4. Volunteers sign up via an online form creating a team of six or more men and women (we try as hard as possible to make it half and half),
    5. Confirmations are sent out via email to the members selected to participate in the event and email is also sent to those members not selected to attend the event,
    6. Before or after the event, there will usually be an opportunity to get together at a restaurant for a snack or meal to meet and mingle with the team.
There will also be periodic general meetings for all volunteers.

Social Events

There will be opportunities to socialize before or after a volunteer event and we also organize regular social events. Note that we do not usually send out attendance confirmations for social events but we do like to have as many people signup as possible so we are aware of the number of attendees.


We have a $20 annual membership fee. This fee will help cover admin costs such as advertising, non-profit status renewal, and membership management software.
To pay the membership fee please send a check or money order payable to "Cam Clark", to this address:
Single Volunteers Membership
Cam Clark, CMA
105 Covington Bay NE
Calgary, AB  T3K 4A9

The Internet

Because we make use of both email and web-based signup forms, it is critical that our members have regular access to the internet. There are a number of options you have to access the internet outside of home including: work, local library, friend, cyber-cafe, etc.  
Note that if you are not able to download email at home or are not supposed to receive personal email at work, you can make use of internet-based email services such as Hotmail, Netaddress, Yahoo, or Excite. These services are free and you only need access to the internet via a web browser.
The biggest reason we have made use of the Internet is to try reduce administration overhead and operating costs.

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