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I hereby release Single Volunteers of Greater Wilmington, and its administrators, team leaders, organizers, volunteers, and any other person or persons acting on behalf of Single Volunteers of Greater Wilmington from any claims arising from my volunteer work with them.

I also agree that Single Volunteers holds no responsibility for the outcome of any relationship that may or may not form between myself and another person that I might meet through SV. In accepting a date or otherwise agreeing to meet with another member either within an SV-sponsored volunteer project or social, or on my own time, I take sole responsibility for any actions that might occur during that date or meeting, and agree to hold SV free from any liability.

I agree not to initiate any claim against SVGWA, the volunteers that administer it, or Aldersgate United Methodist Church, the Church that sponsors it, resulting from either volunteer, social, or dating activities.

(Indicate agreement with above in its entirety on application page)