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We are always looking for volunteer events in the Calgary, Alberta area and we'll do our best to provide a team for them. Before contacting us about your upcoming event, please read the following information:
    1. Events must involve a team of no less than 6 volunteers of mixed gender for any one project. Larger projects are welcome, too. 
    2. You must be a non-profit organization in the Calgary, Alberta area.
    3. The event must be one that allows our volunteers to interact together (ie: for the most part to be together as a group during the event).
    4. We are interested in both one-time events and regular monthly events.
    5. Please give us as much notice as possible! We need a minimum of three weeks notice (but prefer at least 4). 
    6. Names and contact information of participants will remain the property of SVC with names to be provided if necessary only for the purpose of the event.  (Organizers please do not collect contact information from SVC participants at the event. Subsequent organizers have used this information to contact our members directly the next year, limiting SVC's participation in subsequent events.)
Note that we do not volunteer for bingo or casino events. Also we are unable to volunteer for daytime events during the week. If it sounds like we can help you or you aren't sure, please contact us via email at

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