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All members of the Single Volunteers Society of Calgary must have the following qualifications: 
    1. You must be single. That is, you are not married and currently not in a committed relationship. If you are unable to enter into a dating relationship at this time you should not volunteer with us.
    2. You must be willing to volunteer! That is, you must be willing to give of your time and energy to help on various projects as they arise. You don't need to participate in every event but we ask that you participate in a minimum of 3 events per year to keep your membership.
    3. SVCalgary is open to single straight people 21 years of age and older. Gay and lesbian singles may wish to setup a separate organization as was done in Washington, D.C.
As a volunteer there are a few duties you have to uphold:
    1. You need to regularly check the web site and your email to learn about upcoming events. It is especially important to check email regularly if you sign up for an event as the event deadline nears. We send out event confirmations just after that deadline.
    2. Before signing up for an event, you must be 99% sure you can make it. An event signup is a commitment both to SVCalgary and the non-profit group running the event that you will attend the event - regardless of whether you are confirmed yet or not. We do our best to send out attendance confirmations 10-14 days ahead of the event.
    3. You should attend our organizational meetings when possible.
    4. You must do your best to mingle with the other members of the volunteer group you are attending an event with (ok... so that's kind of a joke but hey - that's what this is all about right?!).
If you meet the eligibility requirements and are ok with the duties outlined above, please go to the Sign Up page and fill out our online form.

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